Police intraction programmeHuman Rights Program

SPS is working toward its goal of equal rights and opportunity for SGMs through four main channels: individual empowerment, social sensitization, legislative reform, and organizational networking.

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The main objective of the project is to plan, implement, monitor and optimize HIV prevention, care, support and treatment services that reduce HIV transmission among men who have sex with men (MSM), male sex workers (MSWs) and transgender (TG) people, and extend the life of people living with HIV(PLHIV) in Kailali district, Nepal.


Positive Action for MSM & Transgender People Project

These approaches are the resource-effective way to implement enabling environment program for MSMs/MSWs. This intervention is aimed at offering advocacy, sensitization legal aid, media campaign, capacity development to MSMs, MSWs and TG populations and service providers by providing them with the information, means and skills they need to minimize HIV transmission and improving their access to prevention, testing and treatment services creating enabling environment. SPS feels that there is a critical need for advocacy, sensitization, human rights , legal and treatment literacy program for MSM that are scientifically accurate, evidence-based, designed to be responsive to the needs and experiences of local MSM/TG, and that reach MSM/TG in safe and nonjudgmental service. HIV prevention programs for MSM can be optimized by creating enabling environment around laws, regulations and policies that support the implementation and scale-up of evidence-based HIV prevention interventions. SPS has been using these strategic approaches and has incorporated them into its core package of services for MSM/TG and has been so far so good but acknowledges the fact those continuous existing services.