Who We Are

31081340_1554318811380457_4060202558239539200_nSudur Paschim Samaj (SPS) has established in 2065 BS (2008) as per the NGO Act 2034 and registered in District Administration Office, Dhangadhi Kailali. Sexual and Gender Minorities ( SGM) people, especially in the far-western region, (Current Province Number 7) are in a vulnerable situation, neglected in family and community level, and facing many stigma and discrimination. SPS has organized these vulnerable groups; unite them and providing services for their betterment. Since the establishment of the organization, Sudur Paschim Samaj has implemented various activities to support the SGM People such as HIV Prevention, care and support, awareness on human rights, income generation and skill upgrading training, rehabilitation of SGM people in their family and society, legal support for those who are accused and prison by police personnel. At the same time, SPS is supporting to SGM people to take the citizenship of their sexual identity. Therefore, Organization has success to organize SGM People in the far western region in one place and fighting continuously for their right.


A society where sexual and gender minority and marginalized people are living with equal rights and quality of life


Sudur Paschim Samaj will actively involve ensuring the human rights of SGM people, work for health, education, security and employment opportunity in the society and access in policy making level.


Increase the educational status of SGM people and make them self-sustainable the society


Sudur Paschim Samaj will adopt the following strategies to achieve the organizational goal and objectives:

  • Coordinate and approach to the donor, an educational institution for a scholarship to SGM and marginalized people
  • Coordinate with the donor, private sector organization, local bodies and training providing the institution for skill upgrading and loan access
  • Information sharing to stakeholders on human and legal rights, health and education of SGM and Marginalized groups
  • Advocacy to the different organization to work in  favor of SGM and marginalized people
  • Coordination and collaboration with political parties to promote the representation of SGM people in decision-making level
  • Awareness raising at family and community level to reduce the stigma and discrimination