Human Rights Programme

20160514_135201SPS is working toward its goal of equal rights and opportunity for SGMs through four main channels: individual empowerment, social sensitization, legislative reform, and organizational networking. By breaking down information barriers about sexual health issues in the MSM community, and increasing access to prevention materials and STI testing and treatment, SPS informed community members about common issues and created opportunities for individuals to contribute their experiences to the movement for social inclusion. The expansion of the Human Rights Program infused this focus on sexual health with local awareness about the legal rights of LGBTI individuals and resources available to those who felt that their rights were being violated, which has contributed to the language of rights developing within SPS. The arbitrary arrest and abuse of LGBTI individuals by the police, exclusion from the family, and instances of job discrimination are among the issues that SPS began to document and which formed the basis of the Human Rights Program.

Now, it’s the high time to focus the SPS interventions also to create an enabling environment for the SGM people to render them self-reliant through the provision of various sustainable rural livelihood based vocational and skill as well as institutional development training activities and to enable them to venture into the economic mainstream.