Positive Action for MSM & Transgender People Project


Project Objectives : 

  • To reduce prejudice and discrimination associated with sexual and gender minorities People.
  • To enhance the capacity of health care providers, lawmakers and law enforcement agencies regarding the issue of sexual and gender minorities.
  • To reduce human rights violations and support for healthy life by enhancing the capacity of Sexual and gender minorities (MSM/TG) on legal literacy, treatment literacy by providing them legal aid support

Project Activities : 

  1. Media Advocacy
  2. Training for Health care setting on S&D Reduction
  3. Orientation on Sex, Gender and Sexuality
  4. Basic Orientation Training on HIV and AIDS, Condom Use, Hormone Use and gender affirming:
  5. Legal Aid training
  6. Community Event
  7. Meeting with Government bodies  and Stakholders
  8. Joint Monitoring from Government