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Sudur Paschim has been working on behalf of the LGBTI community in the Kailali District in the Far-Western region of Nepal since 2007. Many members of the LGBTI community are still stigmatized and face discrimination in their communities and schools because of their gender or sexuality.

The constitutional reform in Nepal redistributed many authorities and budget powers from the central administration to local governments. Every organization needed to introduce itself to the newly elected local government bodies like Municipalities and Rural Municipalities. SPS met with following Municipalities, Sub metropolitan and Rural Municipalities with the support of Blue Diamond Society.

    • Tikapur Municipalities
    • Ghodaghodi Municipalities
    • Lamki Chuha Municipalities
    • Godawari Municipalities
    • Dhangahdi Sub Metropolitans
    • Gauriganga Municipalities


SPS met with representatives of the local government bodies, District Public Health Office, District Coordination Committee and the ART Center. During the visit, Mr Raju Lama presented on the achievements of the Linkages project.


Every Year SPS celebrated the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia event in  different ways.  This Year SPS screened a film on LGBTI issues and held cultural events for reduce stigma and discrimination towards the LGBTI Community. Members of the LGBTI community and their families, representatives of local government and political parties participated in the 2017 event.



SPS held a meeting with different local government bodies and stakeholders, in which we discussed the Linkages project and update about new contract and new approaches. In that meeting participation from District Public Health Office (DPHO), District Coordination Center (DCC), ART Center and other HIV Stakeholders.